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New Pokemon Wallpaper!

Be a big shot with the kids!  Render a Pokemon and paste into one of their pictures that you have scanned in.  They will love it.  

Models were created in Amorphium, mapped using UVMapper and Painter 3D.  Pictures were rendered in Bryce.  Check back I will be posting more this summer.  If you use these models please reference this site and let me know.  I would be interested in seeing the pictures.

If you want to share these with others please have them come here to download them.  Thanks

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get_mts.gif (2768 bytes)


Feature PokeGuy

wartortle.jpg (23200 bytes) (~400 kb)

File contains Poser model and textures.

Remember you can use these models for your own pleasure but do not use them in a commercial application or distribute them through another website, email, floppies, and etc. 


ditto_small.jpg (2033 bytes) File contains model and texture. (99 kb)
weedle.jpg (8110 bytes) Model and texture (200) 8-3-99
poliwhirlUV.jpg (25120 bytes) The body is UV mapped, the gloves are separate objects.  A texture file is included. (279) 8-1-99
horsea1.jpg (17294 bytes) The file has the body, flippers and body texture (196) 7-31-99
squirtle.jpg (19524 bytes) Separate head, shell, tail, legs, and arms so it is somewhat posable.  Use the legtex.psd for both the leg and the tail. (260kb) 7-28-99 (20 kb) 7-28-99

jigglypic.jpg (9177 bytes) Both the .obj and the .psd texture
file are in the same zip file. (161 kb) 7-14-99
zapdos.jpg (11871 bytes) The obj file cotains three separate files, head, leg, and body.  This will make the model somewhat posable.  The head and leg are UV mapped.  The tex file contains the textures for the head and leg. (516 kb) 7-9-1999 (43 kb) 7-9-99

picuv.jpg (8786 bytes) Model is UV mapped. In Bryce apply the texture as a pic and use parametric mode.  No tail right now.  I'll add one as a separate file shortly or you can make your own. (174 kb) 6-16-1999 (19 kb) 6-16-99

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